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FinAcco – Complex Made Simple

Address: 756 S. Broadway, Los Angeles CA 90014


Our values or core principles serve as a foundation of what we do. We believe our values set us apart from our competitors. Please see our values below.


1) Open and honest relations through communication

(intended to establish and promote honest and transparent business relations within the firm)


We foster strong and healthy relationships internally and with client by being transparent and truthful in our interactions. By practicing open and honest communication, we build trust, respect, and understanding with the people around us.


2) Pursue growth and learning

(intended to encourage all working at FinAcco to grow and develop personally and professionally)


We care about personal development and growth by embracing the change. By embracing change, we can become more adaptable, resilient, and open-minded, which can help us to thrive in an changing world.


3) Fun and a little weird

(working environment should be fun and a little weird)


Life is more important than work. At FinAcco people can be and act themselves. Everyone is welcome to contribute to fun and entertaining work environment.


4) Quality in everything we do

(intended to emphasize the important of quality and compliance of our work products)


We strive for excellence in our work, we make effort and pay attention to the details to ensure that our service is of high quality.


5) Growth is important

(promotes the importance of business development and growth)


Business growth is important as it helps to create more opportunities for our employees. It also allows us to better serve our clients.


6) Do not obsess over clients

(emphasizes the idea that if we do things right, there is no need to worry about what clients think about it)

Compliance work is complicated. What clients think about it is not always representative of the quality of work we are expected to deliver. Our goal is to a) build a great firm which will b) provide high quality services, c) taking into account client specific facts and circumstances. We can’t ensure that all clients will like or feel satisfied with what we did.