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We perform fair value estimates for financial reporting purpose, using income, cost or market approaches. Income approach may include discounted cash flow (DCF), relief from royalty, multiple-period excess earnings method. More specific applications of the approach include lattice models, Monte Carlo simulation or may be based on Black-Scholes-Merton option pricing model.

Some areas for which we develop fair value estimates are listed below.

Purchase Price Allocation (ASC 805, 820):

  • Fair value of intangible assets: customer-related, technology-based, marketing-related, etc.
  • Fair value of other assets or liabilities: inventory, favorable/unfavorable leases, R&D
  • Fair value of purchase price, including contingent consideration.

Stock-based Compensation (ASC 718):

  • 409(a) valuation
  • Stock options with service, performance and/or market conditions
  • RSUs, restricted stock, stock appreciation rights

Impairment Testing (ASC 820):

  • Goodwill impairment (ASC 350-20)
  • Impairment of other intangible assets (ASC 350-30)
  • Impairment of fixed assets, other assets (ASC 360, etc.)

Financial instruments (ASC 820):

  • Convertible debt, convertible preferred stock
  • Warrants
  • Other debt and equity investments

Fresh-start Accounting (ASC 852)