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What We Do

FinAcco provides expertise in a variety of accounting areas including internal controls, technical accounting and IPOs.

Technical Accounting
Includes All Major Technical Areas

  • ASC 606 Revenue Recognition
  • ASC 842 Lease Accounting
  • ASC 718 Stock Compensation
  • ASC 805 Business Combination
  • ASC 280 Segment Reporting
  • ASC 260 Earnings per Share
  • ASC 470 Debt Modification
  • ASC 32X Financial Instruments
  • ASC 985 Software
  • ASC 740 Income Taxes
  • ASC 830 Foreign Currency

Operational Accounting
Covers Broad Range of Tasks

  • Internal Audit Services
  • SOX Compliance
  • Closing of Books
AdHoc Accounting Projects

Ad-Hoc Accounting Projects
Consists of Special Assignments

  • IPO: S-1 Process
  • SPACs
  • Financial Due Diligence

Why We Do It

We believe that current accounting services are overpriced. We also believe that many accounting firms are inefficient, not focused enough on execution and overly focused on developing what they call “client relations”. Overall, accounting services remain manual and slow to change. This is despite modern trends of digitalization and automation experienced by other industries. We are here to generate higher efficiency and bring more value to our clients.