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We help public companies comply with Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

Our detailed internal controls methodology covers all aspects of a SOX engagement, including scope and risk assessment, segregation of duties analysis, sample size, walkthrough and test of controls, aggregation of deficiencies analysis and remediation testing. At FinAcco, we have successfully guided companies through the initial implementation of Section 404 as well as assisted in continuing compliance after implementation, supporting external auditor attestation.

FinAcco can customize a solution depending on your specific internal audit needs and expectations.

Our operational service offering also includes interim controllership support and bookkeeping services.

The termination or unexpected departure of the controller creates a gap in the leadership team. If unaddressed, this gap can lead to team morale issues and downstream turnover, late production of critical financial reporting and issues in adherence to GAAP. Our interim controllers can help mitigate compliance issues and provide a clear context for a full-time replacement.